I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”                                                 

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  • Intelligence is very crucial to our company development, we highly value diversity in our employee pool and make recruiting decisions on the basis of particular merit. Lyxia® is committed to providing equal and fair career opportunities for all.
  • We are seeking a variety of qualified employee who will be committed to the future advancement of Lyxia®. And we believe our company’s culture and philosophy in assisting you to accomplish your career goal.

Lyxia is a diverse entity currently with 30 employees in China and US, and we value each talents who are capable of working on the desirable tasks.  Our 20,000 sqft R&D center (Shenzhen Qianhai Xiaozao Technology Ltd) is located at Nanshan District, city of Shenzhen, China and we sincerely welcome all candidates who consider to work in our research center which support the commercial manufactur in our production site (Guangxi).

Lyxia offers a generous compensation package including competitive salary commensurate with experience; performance-based bonus; medical, dental, and life insurance; 401(k) plan; paid vacation time; and childcare benefits. Lyxia is an equal opportunity employer.

There are several available occupations listed below.

Please contact or refer your CV to hr@lyxia.com 

  • Algae Cultivation Specialist, Director of Cultivation Track

    We are hiring an algae industry veteran with extensive experience in growing a variety of microalgae strain.

      Responsibilities include:
    1. Create sound growth condition for a variety of selected strain
    2. Design cultivation scheme for specific strain
    3. Evaluate the cell growth by designated measurement
    4. Lead the culture team to scale up the process
    Required Qualification:
    1. B.S, M.S or Ph.D in Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Plant Science, Oceanography, or any field related to algae cultivation
    2. Over five years’ industry experience
    3. Ability to work independently and instruct the culture groups to conduct algae cultivation
    4. Well versed in the use of personal computers and Microsoft Office applications
  • Algae System Engineer

    We are hiring an algae industry veteran with extensive experience in designing and building algae cultivation system such as open raceway ponds with paddle wheel, raceway ponds with pump system, flat panel photobioreactors, and airlift column photobioreactors, etc.

    Responsibilities include:
    1. Design and build the algal cultivation system which provide a neat culture condition
    2. Simulate the growth and productivity under different climate and environment variation. Evaluate the production cost and energy efficiency.
    3. Use sensor to monitor the system performance and generate a database to collect growth data associated with growth condition.
    4. Optimize the controllable parameter to achieve a higher growth rate and productivity
    Required Qualification:
    1. B.S, M.S or Ph.D in Mechanic Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, or any field related to algae cultivation system
    2. Over five years’ industry experience
    3. Ability to lead the engineering team to construct culture system from lab scale to large scale
    4. Well familiar with simulation software such as CFD, Aspen etc. and design software.
  • Chemical Analyst

    We are hiring a chemical analyst with experience in analytic measurement such as hydrocarbon assay, protein assay, etc

    Responsibilities include:
    1. Conduct the analytic experiment to monitor the algal cell growth and foreign microorganism
    2. Identify certain biological molecules and its productivity
    3. Analyze the chemical component of the algal biomass and record them constantly to generate a database.
    4. Work closely with culture group to update the analytic result
    Required Qualification:
    1. B.S, M.S or Ph.D in Chemistry, Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or any field related to analytic biochemistry
    2. Ability to conduct the measurement with a variety of analytic instrument such as GC-MS, HPLC, Flow cytometer, Spectrophotometer, Ion exchange chromatography, etc.
    3. Over five years’ academic experience or industry experience
  • Research associate

    Lyxia is consistently seeking talents who have the will and capability to develop their career in microalgae industry. Responsibilities include
    1. Conduct experiments under the instruction of project lead
    2. Learn to cultivate a variety of selected strains in a desirable condition
    3. Measure certain required parameters constantly and analyze the data generated from measurement
    4. Join the engineering team to design the cultivation system
    Required Qualification:
    1. B.S or M.S in Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or any major related to algal research
    2. Ability and will to learn the knowledge and process in growing microalgae from beaker to open ponds.