Mr. Tuan received his MBA from the University of Chicago and his MA in Molecular Biology from Washington University. Mr. Tuan has held general management, senior marketing/business development, and R&D positions in multinational corporations including Monsanto, Sygenta, CP Kelco, and Abbott Labs, as well as in start-ups such as Solix and Aurora Nutrition.

Throughout his career, Mr. Tuan led the development and commercialization of novel branded nutritional and personal care ingredients. These products include specialty vitamin, essential fatty acids, enzymes, humectants, and antioxidants that are used in dietary supplements, skin care, and animal nutrition applications. Mr. Tuan is the founder and Managing Director of Aurora Nutrition, a market development consultancy that specializes in international market development for nutrition products and technologies.

Mr. Tuan joined Lyxia in 2017 and serves as Vice President of Commercial Development of the company.