Photograph Jeffrey Hendricks MD of Biogenesis Medical & Wellness Center by photographer Stephen Stinson on Monday 8/4/14 in Landrum SC. ; Photo © Stephen Stinson 2014;

Through his study of nutrition biochemistry and epigenetics or nutrigenomics, Dr. Hendricks has developed simple, safe nutritional products that promote optimal health, including numerous functional beverage, enhanced water, cosmetic, and dietary supplement formulations for specific health and wellness applications for both US and international brands.  His love for sports led him to create Rize Performance Beverage, a line of natural functional beverage that optimizes physical and mental functions.  He was also the developer for Halo Water, the first Trehalose infusion water designed for anti-inflammation.

Dr. Hendricks received his medical degree from Michigan State University Medical School and currently serves as President and Chief Medical Advisor of M&M Labs LLC, Chief Medical Advisor of Alaska Spring Pharmaceuticals, President and CEO of Rize Performance Beverage, and has an active medical practice at Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Center.  Dr. Hendricks was a researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Human Genetics Lab, a research fellow at the Laboratory for Gene Transfer at the National Institutes of Health, and has served as medical director of Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Occupational Medicine at a number of organizations.

Dr. Hendricks joined Lyxia in 2019 and serves as Medical and Scientific Advisor.