Mr. Liqing Zeng, Jason is Co-Founder of Tencent Holdings Ltd and has been its Advisor Emeritus since June 2007. Mr. Zeng has been with Tencent Holdings Ltd. Group since 1999 and has overall responsibilities for growing the Tencent Group’s business lines and product portfolios, and manage different marketing teams across China. He is a Co-Founder of TaoMee Inc. He served as the Chief Operating Officer of Tencent Holdings Ltd. from 1999 to 2007 and also served as Vice Executive President. He was responsible for overseeing the business operation of Tencent from 1999 to 2007. From 1993 to 1999, he served as Manager in the Shenzhen Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited. He has over 15 years of working experience and has good knowledge of the Internet and Telecom Industry in China. Prior to his employment, he worked at the Shenzhen Data Telecommunications Bureau and has experience in the Internet and telecommunications industries in China. Mr. Zeng is a Founder and the Chairman of Shenzhen Dexun Investment Co., Ltd in May 2007 and has been its Chairman since 2007. He has been the Chairman of Taomee Holdings Ltd. since October 2008. He serves as a Director of Shenzhen Ruigao. He served as an Independent Non-executive Director of A8 Digital Music Holdings Limited (A8 Music Group) from October 23, 2009 to May 30, 2013. Mr. Zeng received his EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School in China in 2007 and his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Communication from Xi’an Electronic Technology University in 1993.