Cultivation Operations Expansion Begins

We have broken ground on our first phase of expansion for our cultivation operations facility in Fangchenggang, Guangxi Province, China.  Just minutes from our agriculture division headquarters, we have broken ground on Phase 2 of our cultivation operations.  Phase 2 will multiply our production pond count by 100X bringing us to more than 1000 ponds spanning over 500 acres of non-arable coastal land on the South China Sea.  Phase 2 will be 50% complete by July 2019, and entirely completed by January 2020.  This is an enormous milestone for our company as well as the global algal-EPA industry.  Upon completion this will be the largest algal operation of its kind in the world employing roughly 1000 people and supplying production of the world’s first pure EPA ethyl-ester from a vegetarian, non-GMO source – Nannochloropsis salina algae.


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