Haikou Plant Forum, Xiaozao Technology has a story to tell you

If you’re a practitioner in the plant extraction industry, and if you’re interested in the microalgae industry and EPA, development, then you can’t miss the China Plant Extract Industry Competitiveness Promotion Forum held in Haikou from May 20th to 21st, 2021.  

From May 20th to May 21st, the 12th China Plant Extract Industry Competitiveness Promotion Forum (hereinafter referred to as the “Plant Forum”) will be held in Haikou City, Hainan Province. This forum takes “leapfrogging rejuvenation” as the theme, focusing on the wisdom summary and experience sharing of domestic plant extraction for 30 years, to help plant extraction industry consumption upgrades.  Many of the industry’s biggest leaders will gather here to share the latest scientific research results, technological innovation, and industry trends. 

As a special guest, Dr. Wei Yu, founder of Xiaozao Technology will share the theme, “Microalgae and EPA have to tell the story” during the second session on May 21st. This theme will explain the relationship between microalgae technology and the microalgae of EPA. At this time, Xiaozao Technology will also be set up in this venue displaying their latest technology products. 

A Story of Microalgae and EPA

Microalgae is a kind of EPA-rich microalgae, and in April of this year, it was approved by the National Health and Wellness Commission as a new food raw material, becoming the seventh approved new algae food raw materials in China. In the past, EPA was mostly co-existing with DHA in fish oil, algae oil, and the purification of individual EPA was technically limited at a much higher cost than its own value, resulting in EPA use being limited by its own purification concentration, with a narrow scope of application that made it difficult to realize its own value and to meet market demand. 

Xiaozao Technology formed a professional research and development team and microalgae laboratory, after many years of screening and cultivation, Xiaozao Technology obtained the EPA-only microalgae species, and successfully achieved the industrial production of microalgae EPA, becoming the world’s first microalgae EPA industrial production enterprises. 

What other unknown stories and plots are there between the proposed microalgae and EPA?  If you’d like to know more, on May 21st, follow Dr. Wei Yu’s sharing at the China Plant Extract Industry Competitiveness Promotion Forum. Break the dull and boring explanation and share it with a professional attitude. 

Microalgae Technology

Xiaozao Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, breeding, and production of microalgae industry technology. It has the largest microalgae production base in China and is also the first enterprise in the world to achieve the industrial-scale production of EPA microalgae. EPA microalgae oil is produced by breeding microalgae rich in microalgae.

At this forum, the Xiaozao Technology team will bring the latest technology products from their headquarters to the exhibition, where exhibitors will be able to see Rough EPA Algae Oil, EPA Refined Algae Oil, Full-Fat Algae Powder, and Skimmed Algae Powder, as well as the Women’s EPA Microalgae Oil Capsules and Men’s EPA Microalgae Oil Capsules launched by Xiaozao Technology at the end of 2020.  

If you are interested in our products, interested in EPA and microalgae, you can also consult with our research and development staff on-site, direct face-to-face communication, from research and development, breeding to production can be more detailed. It is hoped that this exhibition will enable more people to know and understand EPA and understand the proposed microalgae. 

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