Lyxia | Xiaozao Tech co-promotion with IFF at Vitafoods Europe 2022

Lyxia Corporation is excited to announce a successful co-development initiative with IFF. The focus of this endeavor was to establish a soft gel formulation and supporting encapsulation process parameters for Lyxia’s AlgaLab Natural EPA nutritional oil blends. “Our AlgaLab Natural EPA is predominantly in the form of polar lipids. This polar chemistry, in conjunction with the high viscosity of the oil, can present challenges during the soft gel encapsulation process.” said Greg Remy, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Lyxia Corporation. “In working with IFF’s Pharma Solutions team we have shortened the development pathway significantly – accessing those most knowledgeable on soft gel capsules with SeaGel®, the preeminent vegan soft gel base derived from an extract of seaweed.”

Whereas conventional Omega-3 supplements are comprised of fish oil – a rich source of EPA and DHA – fish actually do not produce these essential nutrients; in fact, they also require a diet rich in algal EPA and DHA. However, the demand for Omega-3 oils continues to grow substantially year over year, while the population of fish in the sea rich in Omega-3s is relatively static. The net effect is increased pressure on our planet’s fisheries, which are not a sustainable resource. Lyxia Corporation is part of the solution. Remy adds, “We are bringing to market an eco-friendly land-based Natural EPA, direct from microalgae, thereby eliminating the middle-fish. Through our collaboration with IFF we are now able to produce vegan Omega-3 supplements in the most popular consumer format – the soft gel capsule.”

Lyxia views this collaboration as pivotal to their commercialization. “Our primary purpose in working with IFF on this project has been to establish a turn-key solution for both materials and process, which can then be formulized and transferred to qualified soft gel encapsulators around the globe.”, said Wei Yu, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Lyxia Corporation and Xiaozao Technology. “We see a rapidly growing population of consumers seeking products that better support their health and wellness while also being next-level in terms of sustainability. They approach the market with the hope of meeting both goals at once – something good for me and also good for the planet.”. The vegan Omega-3 products Lyxia brings to market with IFF’s SeaGel based capsules will deliver on both of those goals.

View the new vegan AlgaLab Complete Omega Natural soft gels at Vitafoods Europe May 10–12, 2022 at Palexpo Center, Geneva, Switzerland, booths C80 (IFF) and J170E (Impact Ingredients).

Growing Green by Design

Industrial contamination and overfishing of the oceans have brought substantial pressure on many species of fish and pushed many more perilously close to collapse. To better serve the need for plant-based alternatives to fish as a source of protein and nutrients, Lyxia | Xiaozao Technology directly produces algae and harvests these products without the use of fish, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At full scale, the operation will be carbon neutral.

Lyxia Corporation is the US subsidiary of Xiaozao Technology, a new biotechnology company headquartered in Shenzhen with all commercial operations located in Guangxi Province in southwest China on the South China Sea. The company has brought significant investment into a rural region of Fangchenggang near the Vietnam border, where they provide education, training and valuable employment.

AlgaLab® is a registered trademark of Lyxia Corporation. SeaGel® is a registered trademark of IFF, Inc.

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