Yes, We’re Hiring!

This fourth quarter of 2018 we expanded our headcount by 20% and the acquiring of talented engineers, technicians, project management, and aquaculture operations personnel will continue throughout 2019.  Wei Yu, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, stated, “While the majority of our employees are here in our facilities in China, we are every bit a global company with a workforce of talented and dedicated people from all over the world who have come here to make something really exciting come to life.”  We have a map on the wall with pins in every country from which one of our valued team members has come.  Being a part of such a unique biotech company that is succeeding at solving some fairly significant problems facing our planet is an incredible pleasure, despite the long hours and hard work!  If you have talent to lend, an interest in traveling to a far away place, and a determination for your education and experience to make a real difference in your lifetime, reach out to us on our Careers page and send us your CV.


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