Focus on the sustainable development, production, and commercialization of specialty ingredients derived from natural microalgae
Deliver the World's First EPA-rich oil from natural microalgae.

About Lyxia

A pioneer technology platform for large scale microalgae cultivation

Lyxia is a biotechnology company founded in the State of Delaware at 2012, providing a pioneer technology platform to cultivate microalgae, harnessing the prolific products and applying them into a variety of field including nutrition, food, personal care, feed and energy. Based in Southern California, Lyxia homes in the desired breakthrough for the current bottleneck of large scale microalgae production, along with reduction of the carbon emission from power generation system.

A novel cultivation platform

Lyxia develops a three-stage cultivation platform that achieves a rapid growth of microalgae under a wide tolerance of environmental condition, scaling up from the benchtop to industrail scale.

Commercial strategy

By using power plant flue gas, production of microalgae lead to a significant reduction of carbon footprint. Besides the EPA-rich oil being extracted from the algae powder, defatted algae serves as excellent protein source and functional nutrients in animal and aquaculture feed.

Proprietary processing technology

Lyxia developed our proprietary process to extract, recover and purify valuable ingredients from microalgae to achieve a robust, environmental-friendly, cost-effective downstream process.