CEPA Natural is a unique concentrated extract of Nannochloropsis salina with ≥30% EPA Omega-3 content in its natural forms.  It is a deep dark green viscous oil. With ≥50% of the EPA in the form of polar lipids, AlgaLab CEPA Natural has excellent bioavailability.

SpecificationNatural algae oil containing phospholipids and glycolipids, triglycerides and free fatty acids
ColorDeep Dark Green
Physical CharacteristicViscous Oil
Total Omega-3 Content, mg/g oil250 - 300
DHA Content, mg/g oilND
Ethyl EsterND
Free Fatty AcidND
DHA OriginN/A
EPA Content, mg/g oil250 - 300
Triglycerides≥ 50
Ethyl EsterND
Free Fatty Acid≤ 20
Polar Lipids≥ 150
EPA OriginNannochloropsis salina
Peroxide Value≤ 5
Anisidine Value≤ 20
Insoluble ImpuritiesN/A
Trans Fatty Acids, w%≤ 1
Aflatoxin B1, ug/kg≤ 5
Environmental ContaminantsLimits (ppm)
Arsenic (As)≤ 0.1
Cadmium (Cd)≤ 0.1
Lead (Pb)≤ 0.1
Mercury (Hg)≤ 0.1
DDD≤ 0.01
DDE≤ 0.01
DDT≤ 0.01
HCB≤ 0.01
PCB≤ 0.01
Aerobic Plate Count, CFU/g≤ 1000
Enumeration of Coliforms, CFU/g≤ 10
Pathogenic Bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus)ND
StorageProduct is sensitive to light, heat, oxygen and moisture. Store in original sealed container. Use promptly after opening.
Shelf Life12 Months at 0°C - 10°C; 24 Months at -20°C
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