Xiaozao Technology Production and Processing Facilities Receive Food Safety & Quality Management Certifications

Xiaozao Technology, a green economy biotechnology company producing nutrients from microalgae, has received food safety certifications FSSC22000 and ISO 22000:2018 and quality management systems certification ISO9001:2015 for their Guangxi China facilities. Operations covered include commercial-scale breeding and cultivation of the microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. as well as washing, dry-down, and food-grade ethanol-mediated extraction of microalgal oil from the biomass. “This is a significant milestone for our young company and reflects the investment of many years of work to establish our new world-class facilities.” said Ms. Fangwei Liu, Director of Quality.

Xiaozao Technology’s new facility is dedicated to commercial-scale cultivation of a variety of green microalgae which dates back over 2 billion years and serves as the foundation of the marine ecosystem and food chain. CEO and Founder of Lyxia Corporation and Xiaozao Technology, Mr. Wei Yu, states, “We cultivate these microalgae using purified seawater, sunlight and CO2 gas, principally for their oil content and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – an Omega-3 fatty acid – present in relative abundance and essential for both human and animal nutrition. Once the oil content has been extracted, a defatted algal biomass remains, which is nearly 70% protein. This too is a valuable product for our vegan protein customers.” Mr. Yu, adds, “The global need for EPA and protein is ever increasing, while populations of targeted species of fish – harvested for their Omega-3 rich fish oil – are static or declining. We have established a new, sustainable platform which relieves pressure from our oceans’ fisheries while yielding a superior product. We believe it’s the right thing to do and the market seems to agree.”

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are critical to health and integral to brain and eye development, as well as cardiovascular, immune, and mental support. Plant-based diets leave one lacking sufficient amounts of these essential fatty acids. The primary source of dietary Omega-3 does in fact come from fish or fish oil supplements. However, it is not the fish that produces these molecules – they also require them and in fact derive them from consuming microalgae or preying on those that did. Mr. Greg Remy, Vice President of Marketing and Sales states, “We are stepping around the fish, staying out of the oceans, and going direct to microalgae, the natural, original source for EPA. Our approach benefits our oceans, atmosphere, and climate while reducing pressure on all sea life, yielding a sustainable renewable source of EPA that is also uniquely plant-based.”

Growing Green by Design

Xiaozao Technology is a green economy biotechnology company headquartered in Shenzhen with all commercial operations located in Guangxi Province in southwest China on the South China Sea. The company has brought significant investment into the rural region of Fangchenggang near the Vietnam border providing education, training, and valuable employment. Lyxia Corporation, the company’s commercial division, is based in California.

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