Mr. Cui, General Manager of Guangxi Xiaozao Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., is a native of Henan Province.  A graduate of Henan Normal University with a major in Biology, and later earning his master’s degree from Jinan University, Cui brings extensive experience in management and large-scale cultivation of microalgae to our Company.  He was the Manager of Microalgae Cultivation at Jawkai Bioengineering Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, and served as the Technical Director at Zhejiang Guangyuan Fishery Co., Ltd.  While at Jawkai Bioengineering, Cui was mentored by Mr. Xiansheng Bai, then President of Jawkai Bioengineering and now General Manager at Foxconn Technology Group.  Cui provides strong leadership to our Guangxi Xiaozao operations as we advance rapidly towards our Phase 2 expansion.