We provide microalgal products in a variety of form and purity to meet your need.

ANEX™ derived from a natural, non-GMO strain of Nannochloropsis salina, are our first products.

ANEX™ come in both native and esterified forms that offer EPA titers suitable for use as ingredients in nutritional supplements and active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs). ANEX™ oils deliver EPA in its native polar lipid form, the most biologically available form of this essential fatty acid. ANEX™ EE and CEPA™ EE oils deliver EPA ethyl esters that are excellent material for the production of APIs.

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  • Oils derived from our natural microalgae are 100% Vegan, providing no fishy taste. And there will be no pesticide or fertilizer use in the whole cultivation and harvest process.
  • Algae are cultivated in a controlled environment with a well-managed nutrient sources. We also guarantee that the whole downstream process are free from any heavy metal.
  • Polar form of Omega-3 fatty acids such as phospholipids and glycolipids, provides superior capability of absorption in the GI tracts.
  • Preservation of our ecosystem is our priority in our business. Each gram of oils produced from algae are closely related to a significant reduction of carbon emission. At the same time, we aim to help better preserve our ocean by reducing overfishing.

Algal Powder

    Algal Powder
    Dry Powder, Dark Green

    Algal Powder contains averagely 5% EPA, with a moisture content of less than 10%.

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    Defatted Algal powder
    Dry Powder, Light Green

    Defatted Algal powder contains 50-60% crude protein, with EPA (0.3-0.5%), chlorophyll, carotenoids.

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    Algal Oil

      CEPA™ EE
      Concentrated EPA Ethyl Ester

      Concentrated esterified algal oil derived from ANEX™ EE by the removal of pigments and other substances.

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      ANEX™ EE
      Algal Natural Extraction Ethyl Ester

      Esterified primary algal extract using our proprietary transesterification and extraction process technology.

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      Algal Natural Extraction

      Primary algal extract from non-GMO microalgae produced using a highly efficient proprietary extraction process that preserves oil quality.

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